The Dresses We Can’t Resist

When we’re thrift shopping, we’re not always drawn towards the exact same things–especially when we start filtering through the dress racks. (Which is one of our favourite sections to shop, since there’s usually a wide variety of styles, colours, and fabrics.) Jess has some sort of internal lace detector, haha. Give her 5 minutes to browse the store, and she’ll return with a bunch of … Continue reading The Dresses We Can’t Resist

Thrifted Thursdays: 05.11.17

This will be a quick little post from us today. We’re busy preparing ourselves to make 800 cupcakes tomorrow. (Does that even make sense? haha. Basically, we’re trying to get everything else done today so we can be cupcake-machines tomorrow.) Jess channeled her inner Effie Trinket in a big, blue way. This is one of the coolest dresses we’ve ever found at a Value Village. … Continue reading Thrifted Thursdays: 05.11.17

Give ’em the Slip (Dress)

If you haven’t noticed, the 90s are back. They’re back in a BIG way. That ice blue crushed velour top I had with the mock neck?–I should have kept it around. Jess’ tattoo choker that she wore 24/7/365 in 1998? It’s so back. Like, totally. Strappy tank tops and platform shoes and flannel plaids? Yep. A Clueless remake? Well, not yet. (And that fake Facebook post circulating … Continue reading Give ’em the Slip (Dress)