Local Love: 1 Blazer, 5 Looks

This blog post idea has been in my mind for a couple months, but I kept putting it off. I think maybe the announcement that Fixed Coffee is soon closing its doors really put my butt in gear.

The last time I bought clothes in a mall/retail chain was December 2014. I was in Sydney, Australia, and bought a NYE tank top at Cotton On. Since then, my clothing has come from secondhand shops, local boutiques, or its been gifted. (There are some exceptions to this rule of mine: undergarments, footwear, and basic black leggings are usually bought new and sometimes bought at the mall.)

Shopping locally is sort of a “practice what you preach” deal for me. My livelihood literally depends on other people shopping local, so I try to pay it forward on the regular. Also, downtown St. John’s is still my favourite downtown of all the downtowns I’ve ever visited, so I’ll take any reason to spend time there, haha.

I recently bought a FABULOUSLY PERFECT navy blazer from Ethereal Boutique. It’s basically the blazer of my dreams–flowy, longer in length, and looks equally fantastic buttoned up as left open. As someone who needs ample time to make a purchasing decision, this one was easy-peasy. I knew I’d be getting my money’s worth of wear here.

My favourite styling combo is local + secondhand. I used this combo as much as possible for these five looks:

Look #1


This is basically me everyday from October until April, haha–leggings, an oversized sweater, knitted socks, and boots.

  • Blazer from Ethereal Boutique
  • Turtleneck sweater thrifted from Value Village
  • Locally made vamps that were probably a present from an aunt
  • Boots gifted from my friend Laurie

Look #2


My favourite outfits of all time usually involve some sort of graphic tee. Ask me how much money I spent at Bluenotes back in the day. (My favourite? “Everyone loves a Canadian Girl”, that I especially loved wearing when I visited my friend in Indiana).

  • Blazer from Ethereal Boutique
  • “Life’s A Mess” tee from the Fogtown Side Shop
  • Secondhand Levis from Model Citizens
  • Ice Cream Snapback from my own brand Figgyduff Dory
  • TOMS from Journeys. (One of those rare mall purchase exceptions, haha).

Look #3


I am a colour fiend, so I’m down for a good monochromatic scheme every now and then. Also, I like to get lots of wear from my clothing. I think I got those thigh high socks for Christmas in 2010. Maybe even earlier. (And HOW GOOD is this denim miniskirt that was 40% off!?!?!)

  • Blazer from Ethereal Boutique
  • Thrifted “Quebec” tee from Value Village
  • Skirt from Twisted Sisters Boutik
  • Socks from Model Citizens
  • Secondhand booties from Value Village

Look #4


I don’t feel comfortable going around in a tube top in the Summer. I just don’t trust the elastic, and I always feel they hit a weird place underneath my arms or something. However, add high-waisted pants and a blazer? I’m 100% down with the tube top! I’d say the same for corset-inspired tops–I love the way they look underneath a nice blazer.

  • Blazer from Ethereal Boutique
  • @emnmay Tube Top from Ethereal Boutique (double the local babes, weee!)
  • High-Waisted Cords also from Ethereal Boutique
  • Hat bought in Victoria, BC

Look #5


Layering a blazer over your favourite dress is a given. You knows I wasn’t covering up those Melanie Jacqueline polka dots!!

3 thoughts on “Local Love: 1 Blazer, 5 Looks

  1. I’m a big fan of Look #1, #2, & #3! Love them. I hear ya on Bluenotes, omg I was the same in senior high and university. They were like 2/$10 or $15? How could one not have a closet full? Haha.

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