Thrifted Thursdays: 05.11.17

This will be a quick little post from us today. We’re busy preparing ourselves to make 800 cupcakes tomorrow. (Does that even make sense? haha. Basically, we’re trying to get everything else done today so we can be cupcake-machines tomorrow.)

Jess channeled her inner Effie Trinket in a big, blue way. This is one of the coolest dresses we’ve ever found at a Value Village. (And we found it in St. John’s!) Blue Dress. Blue Hair. Blue Lips.


Dress: Secondhand from Value Village.

Jana also went all matchy-matchy. Oversized Cranberry Dress. Cranberry Lip. Cranberry Hat. (Or is it Burgundy? Or maybe something entirely different on your screen? Haha.)


Dress: Thrifted from Salvation Army Thrift Store, St. John’s.

Purse & Hat: Thrifted from our local Value Village.


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