Thrifted Thursdays: 05.25.17

Having a little trouble here writing an opening paragraph since our outfits have absolutely nothing in common this week, haha. Which you’ll soon see.

The only tie that binds anything together is Model Citizens in St. John’s. It’s where Jess got the dress, and where Jana found her jeans. It’s the first pair of jeans she had purchased in about 5 years. There’s an unspoken rule somewhere that states “When ye findith jeans that fit well, ye MUST buy them”. Right?  (Speaking of the downtown boutique in St. John’s, you’ll see more from them in the next few days! YA!)

We both fell in love with Jess’s rose lace dress as soon as we spotted it on the Model Citizens online shop. (Remember when we said Jess is a sucker for lace? We weren’t kidding.) This dress is STUNNING.


Dress: Secondhand from Model Citizens in St. John’s.

Shoes: Thrifted from Salvation Army Thrift Store.

You’re probably thinking Jana’s outfit is sponsored by McCafé, but nope! We just really love when the Summer Drink Days at McDonald’s start because the iced coffees are $1 plus tax. And we really love iced coffees. And we live in a small town so there aren’t that many hot coffee options, let alone the iced version. Since it was a sunny day, Jana sipped her iced coffee while taking the photos lest the ice melt and the coffee go all diluted and lukewarm. #boohoohoo.


Jeans: (Super Fantastic High-Waisted Levis), secondhand from Model Citizens.

Tank Top: secondhand from Buffalo Exchange in Los Angeles.

Shirt: Free People, secondhand from Front & Co in Vancouver.

Shoes: secondhand from Model Citizens.

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