Give ’em the Slip (Dress)

If you haven’t noticed, the 90s are back. They’re back in a BIG way. That ice blue crushed velour top I had with the mock neck?–I should have kept it around. Jess’ tattoo choker that she wore 24/7/365 in 1998? It’s so back. Like, totally. Strappy tank tops and platform shoes and flannel plaids? Yep. A Clueless remake? Well, not yet. (And that fake Facebook post circulating about a FRIENDS reunion in 2018 is such a tease.)

Which brings us to the Slip Dress. They’ve really made a comeback. They’re over here at Urban Outfitters, and here’s a floral version from Missguided. If you’re thinking, “Well, that just looks like lingerie to me”, we get it. There are some serious similarities going on there. It ain’t called a “slip” dress for nothing, folks. The lines are so blurry sometimes we just can’t tell the difference. Which is why we found ourselves in the “Sleepwear” section on our last visit to the Salvation Army Thrift Store in St. John’s, haha.

We’re no strangers to wearing actual slips as dresses. There’s a picture from around 1997–which we tried to find but couldn’t–of Jess posing in the living room wearing one of Mom’s satin slips from La Senza. It was lime green, and it was lovely! (And we should now go apologize to our Mom for posting this little tidbit of information, probably.) We’re also no strangers to layering. We LOVE how slips look when paired with a more casual tee, for example.

We found these two slips at the thrift store for $3.99 a piece. The peach one Jess is wearing is from La Senza, and, colour aside, looks almost identical to the one Mom used to have, haha. (Sorry, Mom, we really didn’t intend to bring it up again!) We created a couple different looks with them, one more casual than the other.

…And can we just point out that these are much too pretty to only wear to bed!? We’re heavy into wearing old ratty tshirts and shorts to bed. Very grunge. Very 90s, haha.


Outfits also featured on the SAThrift blog.

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