Trinity Baycation

Here’s what we recommend when you love travel but can’t quite afford the long-haul international flight and four weeks of accommodations: Take a local road trip.

It’s been much too long since we’ve ventured outside North America, but such is life when unpredicted expenses pop up one after the other. To feed our restless wandering souls, we took a few days off recently to drive across the province, bringing our friend Stephen along with us. We began with a couple days in Trinity, exploring and Instagramming with the same passion and intensity we devoted to Venice, Dubrovnik, and Sydney (among many others).  It helps that the town of Trinity, not unlike Port Rexton and Bonavista, has really upped their appeal. So much so, one ends up wanting to take a photo of every structure from every angle. (Guilty.)  Trinity is literally picture-perfect.





Sometimes, we propped ourselves in front of said structures.




This tee is coming soon to!


We spent the majority of our time admiring all the views while walking around the little town. We weren’t alone. For a Tuesday night at the end of September, there were a surprising number of tourists around. (How did we know they were tourists? Well, in one case I was attempting to explain where Port de Grave was until she mentioned she was actually visiting from Manitoba, haha.  Also, at breakfast the next morning, we were the only NLers).

When it comes to our meals while traveling, we typically don’t splurge much. We’re more the “Let’s Buy a Cheap Supper So We Can Get Dessert” type. Sweets and Coffee are usually where we’ll splurge and spend a little extra. Trinity, you did not disappoint!!  We headed to Aunt Sarah’s Chocolate Shop ASAP. Jess is still talking about the Lemon Chocolates she tried. (She’s counting down until Christmas at the Glacier so she can hopefully get some more).  So many delicious flavours to pick from! And, headed out of town the next morning, we grabbed a coffee from Trinity Coffee Company at the Mercantile. (Because “mercantile” sounds like something from Little House on the Prairie, I was so down).







And we couldn’t very well leave Trinity without taking photos in Trinity Loop. Because who doesn’t love an abandoned amusement park? Growing up, we never went to Trinity Loop, so we actually have no idea what we missed out on. We’re imagining good times all around, though, somewhere between Thomas Amusements and Disney World. It’s a broad spectrum, I know. Good food but no princesses.








We should mention our Mom is currently in Trinity on a mini-vacay with her sisters. We hope she’s loving it as much as we did. And we hope she reads this and brings us back some chocolates from Aunt Sarah’s, haha.  We’re all out, Mom!!


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