Dessert Diaries: Nanaimo Bars

Jana here. Yes, Jess is in this post, too. We just have very different levels of obsession when it comes to Nanaimo Bars. I would choose them as part of my last meal on Earth, and Jess most definitely would not. They’re on my list of “Top 5 Favourite Foods”. Foods in general, not just Desserts. They’re right up there with Burgers and Falafel for … Continue reading Dessert Diaries: Nanaimo Bars

Dessert Diaries: Neapolitan

When you think of classic ice cream flavours, which come to mind? Chocolate? Vanilla? What about Strawberry? So where does this put Neapolitan? It’s the delicious combination of all three. Does that make it the most classic ice cream of them all in Cone Kingdom? And have you noticed not all Neapolitans are identical? When we were little, the three flavours were all swirled together … Continue reading Dessert Diaries: Neapolitan

The Steps by the War Memorial

On very rare occasions, the stars line up and place a bunch of your favourite spots in the same immediate area. Such is the case with “the steps by the War Memorial” in downtown St. John’s. Now, don’t get us wrong, downtown is FULL of lovely places. If we both made a list of “Five Favourite Places I’ve Ever Been”, downtown St. John’s would make … Continue reading The Steps by the War Memorial

Screaming for Poutine in Montréal

So that title isn’t entirely true. I’m thinking about it, though, and we actually did quite a bit of screaming while in Montreal. We screamed while watching every Blue Jays game. We screamed at the Bell Centre watching our Leafs play (ie. lose to) the Habs. And we screamed some more at the Dear Rouge show.  Mind you, we also chowed down at one of … Continue reading Screaming for Poutine in Montréal

Where else can you try Labrador Bakeapple Gelato?!

Remember a few years back when they changed the route you had to take to get to the top of Signal Hill? I didn’t enjoy the change, haha. What if I don’t want to make the detour into the Visitor’s Centre? What if I just really want to get to the top? Now, however, I LOVE this detour. The detour is bloody brilliant–it leads you directly … Continue reading Where else can you try Labrador Bakeapple Gelato?!

Warning: This Post Contains Excessive Amounts of Ice Cream

The best way to recap our time in the little town of Dingle is to tell you what and where we ate, haha. After the train and bus rides from Dublin to Dingle, we were hungry. There are no shortages of meal options around town, so we didn’t have to walk far until we spotted the menu at Harrington’s. Fish & Chips it was. You … Continue reading Warning: This Post Contains Excessive Amounts of Ice Cream

Eating Our Feelings in Barcelona.

Last night Jess actually said, “I hate travelling”. Keep in mind this is the same Jess that thinks it’s a bad year if she “only gets on two trips”. The bitterness probably had to do with the impending goodbyes. Let’s recap. Remember those two Australian brothers we met last May while waiting for a train to Cinque Terre? We saw one of them, Adam, when … Continue reading Eating Our Feelings in Barcelona.