A Lighthouse “Picnic”

It’s Confession Time!  I can’t stand going for walks. And when I say “going for walks”, I mean for leisure. A walk “just for the sake of it”. Jess, however, enjoys walking very much. She can even tolerate the treadmill. I just shuddered at the mere thought of getting on the treadmill.

The only time I enjoy going for a walk is when there’s a fun activity at the end of it. I’m basically saying I need a reward to go for a walk. If I’m in a new city, for example, I love strolling around and exploring so much that I refuse to take public transit.  And I could spend an entire afternoon walking up and down the streets in downtown St. John’s and not make a single complaint, because being downtown is treat enough.

Another confession: Good food and good company make just about anything enjoyable. Even going for walks. (Imagine!) A couple weeks ago, we bundled up and packed some backpacks with sandwiches, cookies, and drinks to head to the lighthouse. The sun was setting, and the sky was all shades of pink, orange, purple, blue, and grey. I’m painting the picture as best I can, but I won’t do it justice. It was nice and crisp. (The drinks made it a little less crisp, though, haha).

Diana, being the savvy and low-key brilliant individual that she is, brought her camera along and took some snaps. Enjoy!

The classic “take a photo of me taking a photo” photo.
Jess refuses to part with her Bieber backpack. He’s in his bad haircut phase and everything.
If you don’t take a “cheers”ing photo, did you even drink?

You can find more of Diana’s low-key brilliant photos here: https://www.instagram.com/dianaflemmingnl/.

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