Ethereal Boutique + New York City

If you’re a fashion-loving Newfoundlander & Labradorian, then you’re no doubt already familiar with (slash fangirling/fanboying over) Megan Warren and her blog/Insta Don’t Forget to Sparkle. We LOOOOVE Megan and her knack for combining classic pieces with feminine touches to look 100% on-trend, classy, and modern. She launched Ethereal Boutique online a few months ago, and we’re already in love with that, too.

We recently collaborated for our trip to New York City. Let’s face it, Megan has a gift for picking the perfect pieces for sophisticated and stylish travel. The pieces were totally wearable for shopping and walking and eating and walking and sightseeing and walking. They were also versatile enough that we ended up swapping a couple pieces with each other to create completely different looks.

This is just a little teaser of what you’ll find on Ethereal Boutique. If you spot something you love–it’s probably gonna happen–use discount code JESSJANA20 to save some money.


Pieces featured in this post: ‘Emilia’ Dress, ‘Brigette’ Top,  ‘Elise’ Shorts, ‘Hannah’ Coat, ‘Lynn’ Jacket, ‘Beatrix’ Top, Babe Patch Tee, GRL PWR Patch Tee.

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