Thrifted Thursdays: 05.18.17

To the creator of stretchy fabrics, we salute you! Haha. Remember when leggings came back in style a few years ago? Once we started wearing them, we just didn’t stop, haha. Our poor, poor pairs of denim. They never saw it coming.

Jess’ dress is originally from Eclipse, but she bought it secondhand. It’s nice and stretchy and flares out at the hip. We love it. (And looks amazing with coloured shoes.) (And also coloured hair, but that may be harder to come by).


Dress: Originally from Eclipse, bought secondhand from Salvation Army Thrift Store.

Jana spotted this colourful pencil skirt and had to try it on. The fabric feels like a cross between a swimsuit and leggings, haha. (Comfy, as long as it doesn’t get wet!) It’s got lots going on colour-wise, so she paired it with black.


Top, Skirt, & Shoes: Secondhand from the Salvation Army Thrift Shop in St. John’s, NL

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