The Dresses We Can’t Resist

When we’re thrift shopping, we’re not always drawn towards the exact same things–especially when we start filtering through the dress racks. (Which is one of our favourite sections to shop, since there’s usually a wide variety of styles, colours, and fabrics.)

Jess has some sort of internal lace detector, haha. Give her 5 minutes to browse the store, and she’ll return with a bunch of cool lace pieces. She found this cream-coloured dress on our most recent visit to the Salvation Army Thrift Shop in St. John’s. It’s fully sheer, so she layered it over a miniskirt and a bandeau. (Lace dresses are so great for summer!!)


Dress and Heels from Salvation Army Thrift Shop.

Meanwhile, Jana’s a sucker for dresses that look like they just stepped out of another decade. This one was bought last year, and it instantly reminded her of the 1970s. (Her favourite decade of fashion, if she had to pick just one). Afraid of wearing vintage for fear of feeling “dated”? Don’t be. Fashion usually cycles and repeats itself, anyways.


Vintage dress from Salvation Army Thrift Store.

In collaboration with SA Thrift.

4 thoughts on “The Dresses We Can’t Resist

  1. I don’t know how you guys manage to find the most amazing pieces at the thrift stores! I always struggle when I’m thrifting :’)

    1. It can definitely be hit-or-miss, that’s for sure! Sometimes we’ll just find a couple things, and then other times we’ll spend 10 minutes narrowing down because we can’t buy it all, haha.

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