Thrifted Thursday: 06.15.17

On our last trip to the Salvation Army Thrift Store in St. John’s, we both spotted velvety dresses and were smitten. We’ve always thought velvet dresses were great for Fall and Winter, since the fabric tends to be more heavyweight and is quite often dark in colour. Not to mention it’s a fabric that looks lovely paired with tights! We thought, though, that the dresses deserved a chance to be transitioned into Spring & Summer styles. (Maybe just on those days when the temperature’s hovering near 20 degrees and not 35, haha).

The both of us accessorized and layered to create looks more appropriate for Spring and Summer.  Jess’s velvet gown is a little formal, so she dressed it down with her Converse, a bandanna, a fun baseball cap, and a denim bomber jacket.


Jana added some thrifted wedge sandals (also from the local Salvation Army Thrift Shop), a brightly coloured purse, and a sheer floral shirt.


We’re really loving the idea of purchasing items for more than one season and extending their time in your closet, when possible. In this case, when the colder weather rolls around again, we’ll just add tights, socks, boots, scarves, mittens, toques, and a really warm coat, haha.

This post is our seventh as Creative Experts for SA Thrift.

One thought on “Thrifted Thursday: 06.15.17

  1. I love the velvet dresses that you two found. You guys styled them in such a fun way. Also, the idea of making your clothes fit for all seasons is genius!

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