Dessert Diaries: Neapolitan

When you think of classic ice cream flavours, which come to mind? Chocolate? Vanilla? What about Strawberry? So where does this put Neapolitan? It’s the delicious combination of all three. Does that make it the most classic ice cream of them all in Cone Kingdom? And have you noticed not all Neapolitans are identical? When we were little, the three flavours were all swirled together in the tub–almost every spoonful (or lick) had some chocolate, some vanilla, and some strawberry. When our parents were kids, the three flavours were separated in a brick–kinda like a brown, white, and pink flag. Lately, we’ve seen both versions at the grocery store. Which is great. We like options, haha. (We’re a little partial to the old school version, though. Something about eating the flavours together OR separate.)

If you’re just joining us, you should probably know we also bake for a living. Mostly cupcakes, but colourful treats in general. When we’re creating new cupcake varieties, we often get inspired by ice cream flavours. (And by “we”, we pretty much mean “Jess”, since she eats 4 scoops to Jana’s single scoop. No, we’re quite serious. When we go to Berg’s in Manuels, Jana will sit down with one scoop and Jess will come to the table with four. And Jess will eat them all.)

We let the inspiration go even further this time. Neapolitan painted our lives brown, pink, & white for a couple days. Have a look:

neap14neap13neap sand2neap sandneap16neap172017051836214216720170519-70651735620170518-44555171720170519-136094735120170519-2143310078neap2neap8neap3neap1

Outfits (except footwear and Jess’s Hot Pink Tutu) entirely from Salvation Army Thrift Store.

Headbands are literally pieces of scrap fabric tied in bows.

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