Ethereal Boutique + New York City

If you’re a fashion-loving Newfoundlander & Labradorian, then you’re no doubt already familiar with (slash fangirling/fanboying over) Megan Warren and her blog/Insta Don’t Forget to Sparkle. We LOOOOVE Megan and her knack for combining classic pieces with feminine touches to look 100% on-trend, classy, and modern. She launched Ethereal Boutique online a few months ago, and we’re already in love with that, too. We recently collaborated for … Continue reading Ethereal Boutique + New York City

Trinity Baycation

Here’s what we recommend when you love travel but can’t quite afford the long-haul international flight and four weeks of accommodations: Take a local road trip. It’s been much too long since we’ve ventured outside North America, but such is life when unpredicted expenses pop up one after the other. To feed our restless wandering souls, we took a few days off recently to drive … Continue reading Trinity Baycation

When You Hit the Roomie Jackpot.

Our three days in Dubrovnik deserve their own post, but so do our roomies for those three nights. Because we hit the roommate jackpot, haha. Typically, if we stay in a shared hostel room, we’ll choose the all-female dorms. This is especially true if the hostel has a name for being party central. Nothing at all against guys–we usually get along better with them anyways–but … Continue reading When You Hit the Roomie Jackpot.

Warning: The Travel Bug may have Side Effects.

After 46 hours of travel (28 of those hours spent in the air), we landed in St. John’s last night. This morning, it took me ten seconds to realize where I was. Another five seconds to figure out why I let myself sleep until noon. The backpack(s) have been unpacked and are taking a well-deserved break in my closet. My clothes are in the laundry … Continue reading Warning: The Travel Bug may have Side Effects.

Backpacking & Footwear Problems.

This is by no means a complaint–I absolutely LOVE traveling with just a single backpack. (Remind me to write a post on how problematic a suitcase would have been getting to our accommodations in Cinque Terre).  My biggest struggle when packing my backpack revolves around footwear.  You basically only get to bring a single pair of shoes. That’s it. ONE pair. I usually have room … Continue reading Backpacking & Footwear Problems.

Europe 2014: Antoni Gaudi Was A Busy Man

Because of the way our flight schedule worked out, we only had 2 days to explore beautiful Barcelona. Which is fine, until you realize how spread out the city is. The main attractions we wanted to check out were in opposite corners pretty much. And, being the stubborn cheap-os that we are, we refused to take the metro. Our poor feet must hate us sometimes. … Continue reading Europe 2014: Antoni Gaudi Was A Busy Man