Festival Fashions

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There’s something about a good music festival that just sucks us right in. It could be the sunshine. Or the lemonade. Or the dancing. It could be the feeling of watching a handful of bands you love in the same day. Or maybe it’s the fact you’re surrounded by thousands of really happy people listening to really good music. You know what, it’s all of those things.

We’ve only been to a couple music festivals, but that was enough to get us hooked. (We’re headed to Rock the Shores in Victoria and Osheaga in Montreal later this summer). We should point out that you don’t necessarily have to leave this province to attend a great music festival, either. There’s the NL Folk Festival at the beginning of August and the New Branch Music & Arts Festival at the end of August, just to name a couple. And this is without even getting into all the incredible foodie festivals that happen all around the province. (Seriously, spending one summer touring the island to attend them is on my travel to-do list).

Music festivals are huge, so it comes as no surprise just how popular “festival fashion” has become. H&M has even gone so far as to release a “Coachella” collection. Newfoundland & Labrador, if you’ve noticed, STILL DOESN’T HAVE AN H&M, so we don’t get off that easy. But that’s okay, we’re used to getting a little creative by now.

We love shopping for a festival because it’s the perfect time to stand out. Seriously, they basically beg you to. Don’t believe us? Dart on over to Google real quick and search for “festival-inspired make-up”. Not exactly your everyday looks, right? (Exception: Jess, who last week said she was going to “just do a quick look” and showed up with little sequins and dots painted under her eyes. Just your everyday eye sequins, guys. Nothing to see here.) So, you want to paint flowers on your face à la 1960s Twiggy? Awesome. That cowboy hat you picked up at the Calgary Stampede seven years ago? Perfect. If there’s a strong chance of rain, (plus earth equals 100% chance of MUD), I’d even say go ahead and bring your rubber boots. Hit up those thrift stores and vintage shops, people. I’m not saying you can’t find cool stuff at the mall, because you absolutely can, (and they’re deadly for picking up the basics). But if you want to be a little more unique, save the mall shopping for last–a back-up plan, if you will.

Because we’ve had festivals on the mind lately, many of our latest finds have fit the festival-fashion bill. So, we shot a bunch of looks that incorporated much of what we love for festivals: layers, chokers, rompers and playsuits, lace and crochet, fringe, bright colours–most of which came from secondhand stores. Combined with comfortable footwear, sunglasses,  and a backpack–good to go! (Those last three being the most important, in our experience).

If you see a piece that catches your fancy, you may find it for sale over at Retro & Rebel.


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