When You Hit the Roomie Jackpot.

Our three days in Dubrovnik deserve their own post, but so do our roomies for those three nights. Because we hit the roommate jackpot, haha.

Typically, if we stay in a shared hostel room, we’ll choose the all-female dorms. This is especially true if the hostel has a name for being party central. Nothing at all against guys–we usually get along better with them anyways–but sometimes you hear sketchy stories. Call us overly cautious, haha. When booking our nights in Dubrovnik, however, we really wanted to stay at Fresh Sheets. (I think we may have been swayed by the fact Tyrion Lannister slept on the hostel’s couch, haha). We got over ourselves and booked a mixed room. Thank God.

We ended up sharing a room with girls from Miami/NYC and Russia/New Jersey/Germany, a fellow from Ireland and another fellow from Australia. They were beyond best kind. Cream of the roommate crop. Our last meal in Dubrovnik was spent with them at Gaffe–The Irish Pub we frequented at least twice per day, haha. Homemade burgers, homemade fries, and rounds of baby Guinness shots. (Which I would take over the real Guinness any day.)

Leave it to us Newfies to spend our spare time socializing in an Irish pub, haha. We’re not alone, though. We overheard our Irish roomie tell the others something like, “You can tell how good a city is by the number of Irish bars it has”. Haha. We told him he needs to visit St. John’s.

Dubrovnik is a beautiful destination. But it’s all the more memorable because of the people we met there. To our Fresh Sheets hostelmates who shared the 10 kuna beers with us, you’re all lovely. And to our roomies on the first floor, Thank-You.

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