Europe 2014: Antoni Gaudi Was A Busy Man

Because of the way our flight schedule worked out, we only had 2 days to explore beautiful Barcelona. Which is fine, until you realize how spread out the city is. The main attractions we wanted to check out were in opposite corners pretty much. And, being the stubborn cheap-os that we are, we refused to take the metro. Our poor feet must hate us sometimes.

Barcelona is a lovely, colourful, whimsical city. I think Gaudi should get some of the credit here. We wonder what kind of life he had when he wasn’t busy brainstorming the city’s top attractions in the future.

There’s a beach in Barcelona, but we didn’t make it there at all, largely thanks to the rain. You’ll just have to google a picture of the beach. That’s what we did.

We did, however, find some delicious eats. (There’s always time to fit in delicious eats). Tapas, Churros, and homemade donuts from Chok. Also watched handmade candies being created at Papabubble. (You know those small round hard candies with the image of different fruit in the middle?–Yeah, they were making those kind. So neat!!)

Casa Batllo
Sagrada Familia
Entrance to Park Guell


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