Backpacking & Footwear Problems.

This is by no means a complaint–I absolutely LOVE traveling with just a single backpack. (Remind me to write a post on how problematic a suitcase would have been getting to our accommodations in Cinque Terre).  My biggest struggle when packing my backpack revolves around footwear.  You basically only get to bring a single pair of shoes. That’s it. ONE pair. I usually have room to squeeze in a pair of cheap flip-flops, but those are mainly for walking back and forth to the hostel showers, haha.  If I honestly want to bring a second pair of shoes, I’ll end up having to leave something home–like my camera. (Yeah, that’s just not happening–the camera is coming.)

So, one pair of shoes for 30 days of doing anything and everything. They need to be comfortable because you’ll spend an average of 10 hours per day just walking. Yet they have to match all the clothing you’ll be wearing, so they need to be somewhat stylish.  If you intend on going skydiving–you’ll need something with laces.  You’ll probably spill Guinness on them in Ireland.  They’ll have to get you through 5 hours of hiking in Italy.  Maybe you’ll hit up a dance floor or seven. What if it downpours for an entire day in Copenhagen–will they ever be dry again?

This is what goes through my head when I’m picking out a new pair, haha.  Also, I’m on a backpacking budget, so if I can spend less than $100, I’m happy.  I usually always end up in the Skechers/Converse sections, haha.  They just seem to fit most of my criteria.  I’m heading to Australia & New Zealand in ten days with a new pair of white Converse, (and a set of arch supports since they’re completely flat), so we’ll see how this goes.  I know I’m going to regret buying a white pair of shoes–but I’ll just say the dirt adds ‘character’, haha.

Considering we’re heading to Australia, I also went with shoes I can RUN in.  Because every week on Facebook, there’s yet another article circulating about how ENORMOUS THE SPIDERS ARE in Australia.  I’ll need good shoes to run away as fast as I can.

Jana’s Australian-Spider Escape Strategy.


3 thoughts on “Backpacking & Footwear Problems.

  1. Haha, nice to see that you found shoes to escape the evil spiders 😀 I hope the shoes will help you make your next travel experiences even more amazing 🙂

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