Europe 2014: The Roads of Mykonos

Navigating the roads around the island of Mykonos is an adventure in itself.  The roads are super narrow to start with. Then add huge buses going in both directions, some blind hills, locals, and tourists on rented atvs and scooters who have no idea where they’re going. No wonder the guy giving us a ride from the airport warned us not to rent an atv. I think he basically told us in broken English that we would end up crashing. We took the public bus into Mykonos Town one afternoon, and it basically felt like we were on a roller coaster. A roller coaster without seat belts.

We made it to town in one piece, and what a gorgeous little town Mykonos is! I totally get why there’s one area called “Little Venice”–winding streets of stark white buildings and brightly coloured doors. Beautiful. If you don’t mind a little extra sea salt with your meal, definitely sit down for a meal by the water. (We already mentioned the three pizzas we opted for instead).



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