Thrifted Thursday: 06.29.17

We’re not fans of sticking to the “women’s” section in a thrift store. No, we’d much rather shop the entire store. Our bodies are all different shapes and sizes, and we’ve all got our own sense of style, so we say shop in whatever section you want! (If this sometimes includes the kids’ section, too, that’s totally fine!) On our last trip to SA Thrift, … Continue reading Thrifted Thursday: 06.29.17

Thrifted Thursdays: 05.25.17

Having a little trouble here writing an opening paragraph since our outfits have absolutely nothing in common this week, haha. Which you’ll soon see. The only tie that binds anything together is Model Citizens in St. John’s. It’s where Jess got the dress, and where Jana found her jeans. It’s the first pair of jeans she had purchased in about 5 years. There’s an unspoken … Continue reading Thrifted Thursdays: 05.25.17

Dessert Diaries: Neapolitan

When you think of classic ice cream flavours, which come to mind? Chocolate? Vanilla? What about Strawberry? So where does this put Neapolitan? It’s the delicious combination of all three. Does that make it the most classic ice cream of them all in Cone Kingdom? And have you noticed not all Neapolitans are identical? When we were little, the three flavours were all swirled together … Continue reading Dessert Diaries: Neapolitan

The Dresses We Can’t Resist

When we’re thrift shopping, we’re not always drawn towards the exact same things–especially when we start filtering through the dress racks. (Which is one of our favourite sections to shop, since there’s usually a wide variety of styles, colours, and fabrics.) Jess has some sort of internal lace detector, haha. Give her 5 minutes to browse the store, and she’ll return with a bunch of … Continue reading The Dresses We Can’t Resist

Give ’em the Slip (Dress)

If you haven’t noticed, the 90s are back. They’re back in a BIG way. That ice blue crushed velour top I had with the mock neck?–I should have kept it around. Jess’ tattoo choker that she wore 24/7/365 in 1998? It’s so back. Like, totally. Strappy tank tops and platform shoes and flannel plaids? Yep. A Clueless remake? Well, not yet. (And that fake Facebook post circulating … Continue reading Give ’em the Slip (Dress)