Thrifted Thursday: 06.22.17

Do Graphic Tees ever really go out of style? We doubt it. Take band tees, for instance. Have Nirvana t-shirts ever NOT been in fashion? And no matter how old the logo of a sports team is, it’s still hip.  Thrift stores are perhaps the absolute best spot to find awesome graphic tees. Whether you’re looking for your favourite band, your favourite film, or your favourite sports team, chances are you’ll find what you’re looking for. (And if not, you’ll find something equally amazing.)

Personally, we like the t-shirt offerings in the mens’ section much better than that in the womens’. Just because there’s always a better variety, and we like the looser, longer fit.  We spent a little time shopping for graphic tees at the local Salvation Army Thrift Store–and while we could have easily come home with a dozen or more, we chose a couple favourites each.  We styled them with a skirt, a slip dress, jeans and suspenders, and a pair of dressy, flowy pants. So many possibilities!


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