Some Good Market Breaks out the Christmas Stuff

I love attending farmer’s markets and craft fairs all year long, but it rocks my socks when November rolls around and all of a sudden there’s handmade Christmas-ness on everyone’s table.  (Well, except ours. We haven’t broken out the festive cupcakes yet, haha).  (I think that may be the first time I’ve ever said ‘rock my socks’…may also be the last.)

Whenever there’s ‘handmade’ and ‘Christmas’ together, I feel major warm fuzzies.  Only for the fact we had cupcakes to sell, I almost wanted to spend the whole morning staring at the holiday lovelies. (This, however, would have required Jess doing all the ‘complicated Maths’ on her own–which she doesn’t enjoy. ‘Complicated’, in this instance, means ‘involves quarters’.)

If you have Christmas shopping left to do, it’s totally worth a little visit to Some Good Market.  Even if you don’t buy anything, you’ll get free warm fuzzies on the inside.

Like I said, we didn’t break out the Christmas just yet, haha.
The Spindrift table was right next to us. I may have done a lot of staring.
Really, though, just hand me a mug of hot chocolate and we’re set.
More warm fuzzies. Fuzzy warm felted fuzzies. 
And, if Anne’s table doesn’t make you smile, then you must be frozen.

3 thoughts on “Some Good Market Breaks out the Christmas Stuff

    1. Exactly Arielle! (Although sometimes there are so many cute things I end up buying way more than I had intended, haha)

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