The Steps by the War Memorial

On very rare occasions, the stars line up and place a bunch of your favourite spots in the same immediate area. Such is the case with “the steps by the War Memorial” in downtown St. John’s. Now, don’t get us wrong, downtown is FULL of lovely places. If we both made a list of “Five Favourite Places I’ve Ever Been”, downtown St. John’s would make the cut for each of us. Believe it or not, “Live Downtown St. John’s” is also on both of our bucket lists. (The latest provincial budget is totally not helping to make this dream come true, haha.) Despite living an hour away, we still try to visit these colourful streets as often as possible. “Town Tuesdays”, if you will.

Many of you reading this know exactly where the War Memorial is downtown. For those of you that don’t, my explanation is probably not going to bring much clarification, I’m afraid. It’s sandwiched between Water St & Duckworth St. If you were having Sun Sushi for lunch and then decided to go to Raymonds for supper followed by dessert at Get Stuffed, then you’ll probably walk through it a couple times. (Also, if that is your actual meal plan–well done, my friend!! You get a virtual high five.)  Getting off track here, sorry. The steps, right! I’m referring to that set of steps that take you from Water Street up to Duckworth. There’s a brick building at the bottom with really colourful window frames, and Fixed Coffee is at the top. I am 100% sure there’s a better way of explaining this. I just don’t know it, haha. Perhaps this visual reference will help:

Ladies & Gentlemen, “the steps by the War Memorial”.

This set of stairs (and the immediate surrounding area) is like the Jess & Jana Jackpot. Model Citizens, Fixed Coffee (and Broken Books), and Mohamed Ali, with Fred’s across the street. Basically, our favourite place for Clothing, Treats, Lunch, and Music–all within 30 seconds of each other. Also, I’ve never NOT found an available parking meter nearby. If that’s not all great enough, Pi is here too. We dies for Pi pizza.

Behold, our favourite lunch in St. John’s: The Falafel Wrap from Mohamed Ali. (177 Duckworth Street).

broken books

fixed 1
183 Duckworth Street

fixed 2

fixed 3
We bake for a living. Trust us when we say the white chocolate blondie things from Fixed are actually heavenly.
The beauty view across the street.
freds 3
198 Duckworth Street

freds 1

freds 2
Jacket from

And some more love for the selection at Model Citizens–our favourite place to shop for pre-loved designer goodies.

mc woolies

mc bridal
The (gorgeous) Bridal Selection at 183B Duckworth Street.
mc march 003
Entire look from Model Citizens.
Donut Sweater from Model Citizens. Sprinkle donuts from ol’ faithful Tim Horton’s.

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