Warning: This Post Contains Excessive Amounts of Ice Cream

The best way to recap our time in the little town of Dingle is to tell you what and where we ate, haha.

After the train and bus rides from Dublin to Dingle, we were hungry. There are no shortages of meal options around town, so we didn’t have to walk far until we spotted the menu at Harrington’s. Fish & Chips it was. You should have seen the way this restaurant was decorated. There were fish painted as a border around the entire room, and there was a buoy hanging from netting on the ceiling. Besides the prices listed in euros, we could have sworn we were back in Newfoundland.

Aftet checking into the B&B, we headed out for a drink. Dick Mack’s came highly recommended, so we gave it a go. After sipping on our drinks, we got hungry again. We hadn’t had dessert yet, so we needed something sweet. Found ourselves at Murphy’s Ice Cream. We could write you an entire book on that place. We feel like self-proclaimed Murphy’s Ice Cream experts after visiting 3 times in less than 24 hours and trying every flavour plus a hot chocolate each. We even met one of the owners. THAT’S how much time we spent there, haha. I’ve never seen such a creative ice cream flavour list before: Dingle Sea Salt, Caramelized Brown Bread, Kerry Cream, something Chocolate made with Dingle Rainwater, I think. Not to mention the flavours that read like a drink menu: Irish Coffee, Gin, and Rum & Raisin. (Today we visited the Dublin location–they also had Bailey’s–it’s new apparently, haha). And the Hot Chocolate tastes EXACTLY how I want my hot chocolates to taste–like a melted chocolate bar. Probably since they make them from melted chocolate.

So after that first trip to Murphy’s, we headed to The Dingle Pub for another drink and to sit and listen to some live music for a bit. Breakfast the next morning was served by our super friendly hosts at our B&B. (I must find a recipe for that homemade brown bread they served!) (And then we must find a way to caramelize said brown bread and turn it into ice cream and pretend we’re at Murphy’s!) (Not likely.)

After breakfast, we walked around to do some shopping. Until we got hungry and had lunch at The diner. And then had more ice cream. And then had homemade desserts for supper. Followed by more ice cream. Then had a full breakfast this morning. Then returned to Dublin, where we had burgers for supper. And for dessert–you guessed it–ice cream! And then five minutes later we passed a Gino’s gelato and stopped so Jess could get ANOTHER SCOOP OF ICE CREAM.

We have a problem. I think it’s called too much ice cream. Is that a thing?

Tomorrow we fly back home where the first thing we eat will not be ice cream. Unless it’s Berg’s.

Breakfast at Murphy's B&B
Lunch at The Diner
Quite possibly the best in the world


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