Dessert Diaries: Nanaimo Bars

Jana here. Yes, Jess is in this post, too. We just have very different levels of obsession when it comes to Nanaimo Bars. I would choose them as part of my last meal on Earth, and Jess most definitely would not. They’re on my list of “Top 5 Favourite Foods”. Foods in general, not just Desserts. They’re right up there with Burgers and Falafel for me. I don’t remember ever not loving them, and I was always pretty skilled at spotting that yellow custard buttercream layer on a tray of Christmas cookies.  (And thank goodness I bake for a living, otherwise I’d only have them around Christmas and that would be tragic.)

Not only are they one of my favourite foods, they’re also Canadian–named after the City of Nanaimo, BC. And since last week was Canada’s 150th anniversary, the bar was popping up all over. (I guess they’ve done all they can with Maple already?) Tim Horton’s served a Nanaimo Bar donut and Jack Astor’s had Deep Fried Nanaimo Cheesecake Rolls and we stuffed them in our faces. (Thank-you, Canada!!)

While July 1st has come and gone, we’re still feeling festive. This one’s for the Nanaimo Bar.


Outfits are both completely thrifted (except footwear and hat) from our local Salvation Army Thrift Store.

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