Screaming for Poutine in Montréal

So that title isn’t entirely true. I’m thinking about it, though, and we actually did quite a bit of screaming while in Montreal. We screamed while watching every Blue Jays game. We screamed at the Bell Centre watching our Leafs play (ie. lose to) the Habs. And we screamed some more at the Dear Rouge show.  Mind you, we also chowed down at one of the most popular poutineries in the city–but we were much too busy inhaling our food to let any screams escape our mouths. (Also, poutine absolutely would have fallen out of our mouths if we started screaming, and that would have been a waste. We kept our mouths closed, people.)

For our masterpiece poutine experience, we chose La Banquise. After reading a bunch of “Montreal’s Best Poutine” lists, we realized it was near the top of every single one. It’s also open 24 hours. It also has 30+ poutine options to pick from. (And if celebrity sightings are your thing, there’s a photo of Joe Jonas and Gigi Hadid on Instagram eating there. Just sayin’.) Not surprisingly, the poutine was maybe the best we’ve ever tasted. (Sorry, Costco Resto-Club). It was also the perfect setting to shoot Jana’s latest shirt for Figgyduff Dory: (The best photoshoots are when you get to eat the props immediately after).

poutine slider
Shirt from (No offense intended to those who scream for Ice Cream.)
la banquise 2
Poutines from La Banquise
la banquise 1
No excuse not to try this–it’s open 24 hours a day.

We ate a bunch of other delicious things, but they sort of got overshadowed by the poutine. But maybe that’s how a visit to Montreal typically goes? We ended up at a 3 Brasseurs twice–which was great since they gave us samples of their seasonal Pumpkin Ale. (Move over, Pumpkin Spice Latte). Jess wanted a proper burger for her birthday supper, so we headed to Burger Bar. Just for fun, go Google their “Hangover Burger”. No, we didn’t try one of those. (Mainly because a birthday supper requires dessert afterwards, and there would be negative space in our stomachs after a Hangover Burger.)

pumpkin ale
Pumpkin Ale sample. So much better than a PSL.
Panko Chicken Burger at Burger Bar.

And no trip is complete without sweets. (C’mon, this is me and Jess we’re talking about here.) (You think Jess would go back home without a single scoop of gelato!? Hells no.)  We spent an afternoon walking around Old Montreal, and found a shop devoted entirely to maple. MAPLE!!!!! My personal version of heaven looks a lot like the inside of Canadian Maple Delights on rue St-Paul. We didn’t hold back, either. We sat down with a Maple Latte, Maple Nutella Gelato, Maple Biscuit Gelato, and poked a Maple Butter Shortbread Cookie in our purse for later. (“Later” referring to four hours after when we came off our Maple Syrup high).

rue paul
Old Montreal
maple treats
Maple Treats from Les Délices de L’Érable.

It wasn’t all fancy-schmancy, though. Not even close. We try to keep on a budget whenever we travel, so many of our meals looked something like this, haha:

hotel pizza
Budget eats in the hotel room. (Basically, leftovers from the day before).

**Not photographed: The even-more-basic meals purchased at the grocery store. We figured you all know what bananas and granola bars look like.

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