#10daysofhalloween: Abbey B.

After graduating Blanche MacDonald make-up school in 2009, Jana and I moved back to Newfoundland. And considering the lack of demand for weird sh%t (special effects/airbrush/fashion makeup) in Newfoundland, I count on Halloween to be the few days every year to keep the skills I learned in school fresh in my mind.

Last Halloween I did 7 Days of Halloween but I enjoyed it so much that I decided that I would add on a few more and do 10. Why not. #notjoanapproved #wasteofmoney

Mom did raise good points all the same. 10 homemade Halloween costumes can add up for sure.  However, most of it is clothes from our closets or pieces of fabric that Jana drapes around my body somehow. haha

Okay, i’ll stop rambling and get to day 1!

So, before I did all these make-ups I made a list. This one however, was not on the list. haha

Jana was making a cake for an order out in the bakeshoppe one day and the girl wanted Abbey Bominable from Monster High as a topper. As she was making it she’s like “Jess this girl’s cool…you could be her for Halloween!”



So to get this look I used 3 different shades of blue paint and airbrushed my face. I used Urban Decay’s Electric Palette on my eyes (Savage, Jilted and Urban), “Wispie me Away” Velour lashes on top, and Wal-Mart lashes on bottom. On the lip I lined it with an annabelle purple eyeliner and filled it in with MAC “Show Orchid”. Finished it off by throwing random nail glitter on my forehead, on my nose, and under my eyes. haha

And well for the hair, more airbrush paint!  That’s almost friggan impossible to fully get out. Haha. As anyone who i’ve ever airbrushed their hair would be able to tell you, you really need to scrub that sh*t out. Seriously, I shampooed it like 5 times. I guess technically it wasn’t made to apply to the hair, but hey man, whatever works.

abby bominable

I did not go out in public this day. However, I thought by now Dad would have gotten used to me coming out of my room on the daily with a different skin color, but he has not. “Oh my Jess, what are you at d’day?” I think I embarrass him sometimes. aha oops. Sorry Daddy B! It’s Halloween Week! 🙂

abby makeup




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