Sydney Harbour Views

Can you remember the moment you discovered there’s more in the world than you thought? I can’t tell you exactly how old I was, but I distinctly remember seeing the Sydney Opera House on tv when I was little–an episode of Sesame Street maybe?–and realizing that it was “elsewhere”. Of all the pictures I’ve seen and descriptions I’ve read about foreign cities and countries, Sydney … Continue reading Sydney Harbour Views

Thrifted Thursdays: 02.02.17

We’re currently en route from winter in Newfoundland to summer in Australia…via Vancouver, haha. It made packing a single backpack a little tricky, outfit-wise. After one evening in Vancouver, we realized we didn’t bring enough layers with us. So we got up the next day and headed to our favourite Vancity secondhand treasure troves: Value Village and Front & Company. We were saved by Free … Continue reading Thrifted Thursdays: 02.02.17

Trinity Baycation

Here’s what we recommend when you love travel but can’t quite afford the long-haul international flight and four weeks of accommodations: Take a local road trip. It’s been much too long since we’ve ventured outside North America, but such is life when unpredicted expenses pop up one after the other. To feed our restless wandering souls, we took a few days off recently to drive … Continue reading Trinity Baycation

The Stylish Men of Rock the Shores 2016

Okay, see, I know what you’re expecting in this blog post. Pictures of all the fashionable fellas we saw at Rock the Shores in Victoria earlier this Summer. Uh, not quite. What you’re getting instead is pictures of JESS as the fashionable fellas we saw at Rock the Shores in Victoria earlier this Summer. We apologize for the misleading title. But trust me, these photos … Continue reading The Stylish Men of Rock the Shores 2016

Rock the Shores 2016

Last weekend in Victoria was one we won’t soon forget. ¬†We can’t believe we’re saying this, but we’re pretty glad Squamish didn’t happen this year, because we attended Rock the Shores instead. (Somewhere Jesse Boland is reading this saying “I told you so”, haha. More on Jesse Boland in a bit.) Compared to Squamish (or Osheaga) with its 5 or 6 stages, Rock the Shores … Continue reading Rock the Shores 2016