5 Days in Los Angeles

We weren’t exactly warned about how spread out the city of Los Angeles is, haha. As much as we try to walk around every city we’re in, it was nearly impossible this time. So we spent maybe 2 hours on trains and buses…per day.

To its credit, though, our hostel was in the perfect location for getting around. We stayed at the Orange Drive Hostel–literally a one minute walk from Hollywood Blvd and the Walk of Fame. (And you get to make homemade waffles for breakfast every day). The view from our window was fabulous and we spent lots of time staring into Hollywood Heights. It was made even more fabulous when we discovered the “Magic Castle” we were looking at is actually a private club for magicians and magic enthusiasts–NOT an amusement park for kids, haha.


Outside Orange Drive Hostel



We escaped the heat and headed to the Ocean as much as possible, taking in Santa Monica and Venice while we were at it. We shared the waves at Venice Beach with a bunch of surfers, so swimming was a time. It wasn’t so much “swimming” as it was “trying to keep your swimsuit on”. Seriously. You either let the wave take you or attempt to dive under it. Or you fail at both and tumble around underwater for a few moments wondering which way is up. In the end, we were covered completely in sand with bellies full of saltwater and it was 100% worth it.





We pretended to be rich and famous for an afternoon:



“Pretended”, because how many stars take the bus to Rodeo Drive? This is what we purchased in Beverly Hills, you guys:


By this time, we were approaching our final day in Los Angeles and Mom was still waiting for a photo with “the sign”. The guides told us the best view would be from the Griffith Park Observatory. We took another train and another bus. For this:


Can’t help but think Mom might be a little disappointed, haha.


Five days wasn’t near enough in California. We’ll be back. Maybe in the Winter.


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