Eating Well in LA.

This is where a sarcasm font would really come in handy. “Eating Well” in this case means eating delicious things that are definitely not good for us. But boy are they worth it!

Our very first stop in LA, besides dropping our things off at the hostel in Hollywood, was In-N-Out Burger. You really can’t go wrong with an old-fashioned burger/fries/pink lemonade. Also, we were basically feeling hungover at this point from a lack of sleep, so that probably made the meal even more delicious.  As far as fast food burgers go, this one was seriously tasty.

So, we won’t complain about the heat because it’s July and we’re in California and it’s probably 5 degrees Celsius with a frost warning back home in NL. I’ll just say that Jess actually DOES have a mood that equals mine when I’m hungry. It’s called Jess In Warm Climates. Yesterday was around 30 degrees, so you’d think we’d be dyin’ for iced coffees and ice cream, right? We had hot dogs and chili cheese fries instead, haha. (But immediately wished we had gone for iced coffees and ice cream).  Pink’s Hot Dogs has been around since 1939–basically a Hollywood legend.  Put it this way, the place is popular enough to have a 45-minute line-up curving around the building…which we waited in.







That creation is aptly named “Lord of the Rings”.


We’re telling ourselves that walking around the city all day will balance out all this good food. That’s proper logic, right? (Don’t answer that, haha).

One thought on “Eating Well in LA.

  1. I’m totally in LOVE with Jess’ sunglasses and hair!! And totally in love with you guys hehe … I shouldn’t say jealous because it’s not nice to be jealous of another person hahaha … Foolish!! But your posts! Love hearing from you gals, and the adventures you take! I feels that I’m there sometimes hehe … Have a great vacation!!

    P.s are those sunglasses found in NL?! Hehe

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