Fogo, Twillingate, Moreton’s Harbour. All Around the Circle.

This was a first for us. We basically based our travel plans upon the lyrics of a traditional Newfie tune. Not sure what we’re talking about? Go Google the lyrics to “I’se Da B’ye” and then come on back. Or better still, ask a Newfoundlander to sing it for you.  A couple weekends back, we set out with our super simple itinerary: Fogo, Twillingate, and … Continue reading Fogo, Twillingate, Moreton’s Harbour. All Around the Circle.

Modeling Citizens

If you’ve ever shopped at Model Citizens, you know that place is a treasure chest of stylish goodies. It’s officially a “Contemporary Designer Resale and Vintage Designer Boutique”, but I like calling it a treasure chest. We’ve both been shopping there ever since it opened, and we’ve yet to go in there and not fall in love with something. And, since the stock changes all … Continue reading Modeling Citizens

Where else can you try Labrador Bakeapple Gelato?!

Remember a few years back when they changed the route you had to take to get to the top of Signal Hill? I didn’t enjoy the change, haha. What if I don’t want to make the detour into the Visitor’s Centre? What if I just really want to get to the top? Now, however, I LOVE this detour. The detour is bloody brilliant–it leads you directly … Continue reading Where else can you try Labrador Bakeapple Gelato?!

About Time we Became Tourists at Home

In the last four years, we’ve done a nice bit of travelling: Six weeks in NYC, 3 trips to Europe, five weeks in Australia/New Zealand, and a few visits to Canada’s West Coast.  Every single time we go on a trip, we’ll tell our new friends that they “NEED to visit Newfoundland & Labrador”.  And then they’ll ask us where the nicest places in the … Continue reading About Time we Became Tourists at Home

Denim Duds

Thrift stores are typically hit or miss for me.  I’ll either find nothing, or leave the store with a stuffed bag of goodies–$100 later.  (This is the part of this post where Jess would say she ALWAYS finds something.) How many times have I left items on the rack, thinking I’ll find better stuff at the next thrift store?  I always regret it afterwards.  (Like … Continue reading Denim Duds

Local Eats: Get Stuffed

It took us way too long to realize how important supporting local businesses is.  I guess the important thing is that we actually realized it, haha.  Once you get into a habit of eating out at national ‘chain’ restaurants, it can be hard to break. But, we’re trying. We’ve discovered that supporting local restaurants in St. John’s is actually a delicious thing to do.  You … Continue reading Local Eats: Get Stuffed

Successful Snow Days & Shout-Outs.

Most of us here on the Avalon Peninsula knew today would be a snow day.  I mean, come on, we all follow Ryan Snoddon on Facebook, am I right?  Judging by the crowd at the grocery store yesterday–EVERYONE knew they’d be stuck in the house until at least lunchtime today. (Nothing brings us all out and about together like a nice fat blizzard warning, haha). … Continue reading Successful Snow Days & Shout-Outs.

Some Good Market Breaks out the Christmas Stuff

I love attending farmer’s markets and craft fairs all year long, but it rocks my socks when November rolls around and all of a sudden there’s handmade Christmas-ness on everyone’s table.  (Well, except ours. We haven’t broken out the festive cupcakes yet, haha).  (I think that may be the first time I’ve ever said ‘rock my socks’…may also be the last.) Whenever there’s ‘handmade’ and … Continue reading Some Good Market Breaks out the Christmas Stuff

Bat Dance 9: Four Girls Become Johnny Depp.

Every Halloween, a local radio station hosts a “win-to-get-in” costume party.  Let’s not talk about how many busy signals we heard while trying to call in and win tickets.  (I was so excited when I finally got through that I had the entire on-air conversation while on speaker phone.  Oops.) Jess and I brought back a costume we tried a few years ago.  JOHNNY DEPP. … Continue reading Bat Dance 9: Four Girls Become Johnny Depp.

Some Good Market in the Red Shed

Hard to believe this was the last market we attended with cupcakes…and it was a month ago. It was a goody, though.  The view, the fire in the wood stove, the outhouse, the vendors that feel like family, (especially when they bring soup and homemade pumpkin cake nomnomnom), and the steady flow of customers up and down the dirt path.  Even the dogs lucked out … Continue reading Some Good Market in the Red Shed