Local Eats: Get Stuffed

It took us way too long to realize how important supporting local businesses is.  I guess the important thing is that we actually realized it, haha.  Once you get into a habit of eating out at national ‘chain’ restaurants, it can be hard to break. But, we’re trying.

We’ve discovered that supporting local restaurants in St. John’s is actually a delicious thing to do.  You all need to give it a shot sometime. There’s no end to the talent here.  (That’s how it seems to be, anyways, with new restaurants and cafes popping up all the time, haha). (And they’re all the time winnin’ stuff.)

Earlier this week, we literally stuffed ourselves at Get Stuffed. (HA!) Can I just point out right away that you can add a hot dog to any main dish for $1.00?!  Jess is still regretting her decision to abstain from the hot dog.  Our reservation was for 5:30–right when they opened for dinner.  By the time we left, the place was pretty much full.  So if there’s a crowd of you going for a feed, a reservation is probably a good idea.

Everything we ate was delicious. Don’t even get me started on those won-ton things they give you instead of bread. (I’d tell you to eat here JUST to try them). Since we’re cheap, haha, we split an appetizer. It was delicious. Jess had the mac & cheese for her Main, I had the Newfoundland Cod, and our friend Stephen had the pork.  All of them were delicious.  We also split (cuz we’re cheap) a side order of HASH BROWN CASSEROLE.  (I know, right??!) Don’t dare tell Mom, but it was just as tasty as hers. My only regret is not saving room for dessert.  (I was about to say “our only regret”, but that would be inaccurate, since Jess also regrets not getting the $1.00 hot dog, remember?)

We love Get Stuffed. The location is perfect, the food is delicious, and it was totally affordable for eating downtown. We’ll definitely go back.


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