Denim Duds

Thrift stores are typically hit or miss for me.  I’ll either find nothing, or leave the store with a stuffed bag of goodies–$100 later.  (This is the part of this post where Jess would say she ALWAYS finds something.) How many times have I left items on the rack, thinking I’ll find better stuff at the next thrift store?  I always regret it afterwards.  (Like that vintage Liz Claiborne shirt I left behind in New Zealand that I thought about while eating my breakfast this morning.)

Denim pieces, however, are tough to leave behind.  Maybe because they’re so classic. I still mentally kick myself for not keeping that jean jacket I had back in 1996.  Sure, you can buy a brand new one, but they just don’t have that distressed, broken-in, washed at least 50 times look to them, haha.  Bonus points for subtle rips and tears.  Golden stars for patches!  And, if you do happen to go thrift shopping for a denim layer–don’t forget the men’s long-sleeved shirt section.  We’ve seriously found denim shirts in almost every shade of the rainbow while browsing that aisle.

Jess found her denim layer at our local Value Village.  The dress is Beginning Boutique.  The incredible background is our favourite view of St. John’s.

Jana found her jean jacket down at Model Citizens in downtown St. John’s.  The skirt is American Eagle, and the sweater was bought at Macy’s in NYC back in 2012, haha. (I should maybe clean out my closet soon).

Denim Shirt


Denim Jacket

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