Successful Snow Days & Shout-Outs.

Most of us here on the Avalon Peninsula knew today would be a snow day.  I mean, come on, we all follow Ryan Snoddon on Facebook, am I right?  Judging by the crowd at the grocery store yesterday–EVERYONE knew they’d be stuck in the house until at least lunchtime today. (Nothing brings us all out and about together like a nice fat blizzard warning, haha).

Snow days can be pretty epic.  Typically, your routine is completely ruined for the day, so you don’t really care.  You can fall asleep the night before without setting an alarm.  You can sit around and drink coffee in your pajamas all morning if you want.  Big ol’ feed for breakfast? Perfect–you’ll burn all those calories off once you start shoveling, anyways.  Then, three hours later when you’re finished shoveling, you can come inside and have another feed because you’re starved again.  We’re about to dine on both nachos AND poutine for supper.  Not gonna lie, you could probably offer us a warm can of Vienna Sausages right now and we’d eat them.

Snow days are made for being comfy and cozy.  For us, that typically translates into “warm, oversized shirts”, haha.  Both of us are wearing brilliant finds from Model Citizens–one of our favourite places to shop in St. John’s. We’ve basically been customers at the shop since it opened, and there are racks of goodies, for both women and men, every single time we visit.  Major props to MLT, the owner, who visits the Big Apple multiple times a year to buy stock. It’s the perfect place to go if you’re trying to avoid dressing just like everyone else, haha.  (Last time we visited, there was an absolutely gorgeous burgandy velvet dress that was one size too big for me. I’m still not over it.  I should have bought it anyways and adopted the Snow Day Diet for a month.)

Jess is wearing a DKNY plaid shirtdress, and Jana’s wearing an old-school Iceberg sweater.  We couldn’t forget the warm socks!


Have we mentioned snow days are also great for treating yourself? So, go ahead–curl up with a book or a movie or your favourite person or a drink or vienna sausages or all of the above. It’s a snow day, you’re allowed.  (But, for goodness’ sake, at least drain those sausages first!)

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