Bat Dance 9: Four Girls Become Johnny Depp.

Every Halloween, a local radio station hosts a “win-to-get-in” costume party.  Let’s not talk about how many busy signals we heard while trying to call in and win tickets.  (I was so excited when I finally got through that I had the entire on-air conversation while on speaker phone.  Oops.)

Jess and I brought back a costume we tried a few years ago.  JOHNNY DEPP.  We figured we had this in the bag. I mean, who doesn’t love Johnny Depp?!  I think he’s one of those rare humans who’s just universally loved.  Now, we’re super lucky to have friends who are totally okay with transforming into a dude for the day.  Don’t get us started on the “sexy” costumes you find in the stores.  Honestly, it’s a bit much sometimes.  Do we really need a “Sexy Pizza Costume”?!  The answer is Hell, no.  It’s PIZZA. It’s ALREADY SEXY ENOUGH.  Nomnom.  I’m so off-track right now.

Johnny Depp. Right. So with Jess’ mad make-up skills and my thrift shop skills, we transformed the four of us into Edward Scissorhands, Tanto from The Lone Ranger, the Mad Hatter, and Jack Sparrow.  It’s one thing to turn yourself into a man…it’s another thing entirely to turn yourself into an attractive man.  There was much duct tape involved–for reasons that I’m sure are fairly obvious. (And, if it’s not fairly obvious, just ask yourself when’s the last time you saw Johnny sporting a man-boob? Exactly).

Anyways, we get to Bat Dance, and it’s safe to say we were a hit.  We were also hit on…by women…who clearly thought we were men.  It still makes me laugh.  I always thought guys were the worst for coming on way too strong, but I quickly learned firsthand that girls are just as bad, hahaha.

The only downside to all this? …we didn’t win.  Hahaha. It’s still a touchy subject.

Before & After. Or is it After & Before? Either way, here we are.
Before & After. Or is it After & Before? Either way, here we are.




2 thoughts on “Bat Dance 9: Four Girls Become Johnny Depp.

  1. You guys rocked it! You guys are so prett yand beautiful! Keep rocking it, you guys are intresring and I love reading your blogs

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