The Dresses We Can’t Resist

When we’re thrift shopping, we’re not always drawn towards the exact same things–especially when we start filtering through the dress racks. (Which is one of our favourite sections to shop, since there’s usually a wide variety of styles, colours, and fabrics.) Jess has some sort of internal lace detector, haha. Give her 5 minutes to browse the store, and she’ll return with a bunch of … Continue reading The Dresses We Can’t Resist

Thrifted Thursdays: 01.12.17

Spend enough time shopping at secondhand stores, and eventually thrifted finds take over your closet. That’s what has happened to us, anyways. We love getting inspired while browsing and sorting through the racks at thrift shops. It’s like a feelgood (and good-for-the-environment) treasure hunt. This year, we’re dedicating Thursday posts to looks created with secondhand clothing. We’ll even try to add in some footwear and … Continue reading Thrifted Thursdays: 01.12.17

Sequins: They’re Not Just for Prom Anymore.

This post isn’t just for prom, either. It’s also for that dress you bought for a work holiday party–or formal night on that family cruise back in 2010–and just haven’t worn it since. Let’s be honest, here. Sequins are pretty. Maybe that’s why we find them so irresistible? (“Oooooooooooooooo sequins!!”) And maybe that’s why we think it’s such a shame to wear something so pretty … Continue reading Sequins: They’re Not Just for Prom Anymore.

Modeling Citizens

If you’ve ever shopped at Model Citizens, you know that place is a treasure chest of stylish goodies. It’s officially a “Contemporary Designer Resale and Vintage Designer Boutique”, but I like calling it a treasure chest. We’ve both been shopping there ever since it opened, and we’ve yet to go in there and not fall in love with something. And, since the stock changes all … Continue reading Modeling Citizens