Thrifted Thursdays: 02.16.17

So we recently spent a couple days down in Hobart, Tasmania. We were 18,000 km away from home in Newfoundland & Labrador. (How much further can one actually get on the globe? Geography experts–let us know, haha). When walking off the plane in Hobart, we immediately noticed the temperature change. The fleece leggings were back on! We were froze in the early mornings going around in our shorts. (Because it heated up in the afternoon and we don’t always have time for wardrobe changes).

We did, however, have time for thrift shopping. We located the closest Vinnies and Salvos stores and spent an afternoon browsing. Jess picked up these bright pieces at Vinnies. (And we spent 1.5 hours walking around the city scouting out the best colourful walls, haha).

Since Jess basically wore all the colours, Jana chose something a little more neutral, haha. The dress was purchased secondhand in Sydney at Bondi Beach’s Uturn. The layering piece was found at a thrift shop in Hobart. 

**We apologize for the lack of photos in this post. We are completely at the mercy of our hostel’s wi-fi, haha. It apparently does not enjoy uploading pics. 

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