Sydney Harbour Views

Can you remember the moment you discovered there’s more in the world than you thought? I can’t tell you exactly how old I was, but I distinctly remember seeing the Sydney Opera House on tv when I was little–an episode of Sesame Street maybe?–and realizing that it was “elsewhere”. Of all the pictures I’ve seen and descriptions I’ve read about foreign cities and countries, Sydney has been stuck in my head the longest. 

This is our second visit to Sydney, the first was back in January 2015. Even though we’d already seen the Harbour Bridge and Opera House, there’s still a sense of “am I really here right now!?” It’s a little surreal standing next to a structure that wowed you as a little kid. (And wows you as an adult, too). It was rainy and windy and it didn’t matter. The Harbour Bridge is equally lovely to look at, maybe even more so from one of the ferries. On the next day, we took the ferry one stop over to Luna Park JUST to get views of the harbour, haha. It’s worth it. And one stop was just enough time to befriend the operator, who encouraged us to follow him around the vessel to get the best photos–which he took. You’ll soon see he’s pretty fantastic with the panoramic views. 

Taken by the extremely kind ferry operator. Bless his heart.

…tell us we’re not the only ones who find the Luna Park entrance a little creepy, though!? Haha.

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