Thrifted Thursdays: 02.09.17

Leave it to us to land in Sydney during a heat wave. It’s not much use complaining, we did come to Australia in the MIDDLE OF SUMMER. On purpose, at that. We would also feel bad complaining since facebook makes us well aware of the snowfall slash freezing cold situation back home. So. 

This was a fairly simple Thrifted Thursday, since most of what’s in our backpacks was purchased secondhand. (Minus shoes and undergarments). How shocked will you be when we tell you we went to thrift shops on our first full day in Sydney? Haha. 

Jess snagged these sweet pants from a Vinnies here in Newtown. The Star Wars tee was picked up from a Buffalo Exchange in LA.

Jana really doesn’t do well in heat waves, so she basically donned the lightest garment she brought while still being decent, haha. This Garage flowy floral number was found at a thrift shop in St. John’s–one of the three on Kenmount Road. 

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