Thrifted Thursdays: 04.06.17

Today was maybe the most “Spring-like” day we’ve had since the season officially began. (Never mind all the Bays currently packed with ice and the absolute madness that is the amount of snow that fell out in Central NL recently and the fact most of the province probably looks like an ice planet.) One could dart from the house to the shed without a jacket … Continue reading Thrifted Thursdays: 04.06.17

Sydney Harbour Views

Can you remember the moment you discovered there’s more in the world than you thought? I can’t tell you exactly how old I was, but I distinctly remember seeing the Sydney Opera House on tv when I was little–an episode of Sesame Street maybe?–and realizing that it was “elsewhere”. Of all the pictures I’ve seen and descriptions I’ve read about foreign cities and countries, Sydney … Continue reading Sydney Harbour Views