Thrifted Thursdays: 01.20.17

We spent much of Tuesday afternoon browsing the thrift shops in St. John’s. We’re typically rushed on Tuesdays, since we’re often going here and there picking up trunk-loads of butter, flour, and icing sugar. We had some extra time this week, so we spent it browsing the secondhand racks literally hanger by hanger.

What usually happens is whoever’s wearing the least complicated outfit is on dressing room duty. (There’s a reason we end up buying so many oversized layering pieces–no dressing room time required!) Technically, we should probably both try stuff on, since what looks good on one person does not necessarily look good on the other. Take yesterday, for example. I tried on a striped denim overall dress and let’s just say its square shape didn’t really do much for MY square shape. Jess, however, totally rocked it with a sheer collared top underneath:


Bib Overall Dress: Thrifted at Previously Loved on Kenmount Road.

Hat: Secondhand from Value Village in St. John’s, NL.

Sheer Sleeveless Top: Picked up at Model Citizens downtown.

Bracelet: Secondhand from Buffalo Exchange.

Killer Sunglasses: Secondhand/Vintage from Garage 606 in St. John’s. (before they closed up).

Remember those oversized items we mentioned above? Jana found this bright blue UBC sweater at Value Village in the “Men’s Activewear Tops” section–AHMAZING. And no, neither of us went to UBC. We lived in Vancouver for a year, though, does that count?


UBC Sweatshirt: Thrifted from Value Village in St. John’s. (Seriously, 2 days ago).

Levi’s Skinny Jeans & Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn Shoes: Secondhand from Model Citizens.

Note to self: Tie up your laces, Jana!

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