A Lighthouse “Picnic”

It’s Confession Time!  I can’t stand going for walks. And when I say “going for walks”, I mean for leisure. A walk “just for the sake of it”. Jess, however, enjoys walking very much. She can even tolerate the treadmill. I just shuddered at the mere thought of getting on the treadmill. The only time I enjoy going for a walk is when there’s a … Continue reading A Lighthouse “Picnic”

Thrifted Thursdays: 01.20.17

We spent much of Tuesday afternoon browsing the thrift shops in St. John’s. We’re typically rushed on Tuesdays, since we’re often going here and there picking up trunk-loads of butter, flour, and icing sugar. We had some extra time this week, so we spent it browsing the secondhand racks literally hanger by hanger. What usually happens is whoever’s wearing the least complicated outfit is on … Continue reading Thrifted Thursdays: 01.20.17