Three Days at King’s Landing

Why am I even writing this post instead of Jess? When it comes to the incredibly popular Game of Thrones series, I know nothing. Just like Jon Snow. (Okay, so I knew that line. And I’m halfway through the first book so I can tell you winter is definitely coming.) After three days in Dubrovnik, I know a little more. For example, nobody liked Joffrey … Continue reading Three Days at King’s Landing

When You Hit the Roomie Jackpot.

Our three days in Dubrovnik deserve their own post, but so do our roomies for those three nights. Because we hit the roommate jackpot, haha. Typically, if we stay in a shared hostel room, we’ll choose the all-female dorms. This is especially true if the hostel has a name for being party central. Nothing at all against guys–we usually get along better with them anyways–but … Continue reading When You Hit the Roomie Jackpot.