Europe 2013: Gelato 101. From Italia.

We ate a lot of gelato in Europe, especially during the four days in Italy. Because it’s basically everywhere. We feel like we got to the point where we could judge a gelateria based on appearances. Which we were taught never to do while growing up. We did it anyways. (Sorry, Mom).

After about 30 scoops of gelato between us, we noticed a trend. In Italy, we pretty much walked into every establishment we saw that sold gelato, but ninety percent of them had the exact same flavours. I guess they’re the classics: Tiramisu, Stracciatella which is probably spelled wrong, Yogurt, Pistachio, Vanilla, Hazelnut, and basically every fruit you can name. And they looked boring. Flat trays of gelato. But then you walk into the stores where the gelato is in mounds, haha, like little hills of deliciousness. Those places always threw some different flavours at you–like Creme Caramel or Nutella. Some places take it a step further and DECORATE the mounds of gelato. These ones are the best. Our favourite place, White Restaurant and Bar, had this one custard gelato with nutella swirled throughout. Sooooo good.

In short, when having gelato in Europe, head for the decorated mounds. Hahaha.

Decorated mounds, hahaha.
Mounds. This is good.
I swear, we saw more than gelato in Rome, haha!

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