Europe 2013: Relax. It’s Greece.

Hard to believe we’re in our final European destination: Greece. We finally pulled the shorts and bikinis out from the very bottom of our backpacks. It’s a wonder they weren’t dusty–sitting down there for so long.

Our first impression of Greece is the overall friendliness–even to tourists. The bus driver from the airport offered to bring us right to our stop, and then an older gentleman chatted with us the entire bus ride from Corfu Town to Paleokastritsa. He took up an interest in the Newfoundland crab fishery, haha. “Crab are so big, but there’s hardly any meat on them!” I think he also made some references to Deadliest Catch along the way, hahaha.

Then when there was no one around to let us into the studio apartment we had booked, the older lady next door–speaking only Greek–kindly let us use her phone. And the locals say “Hi” to you. Maybe all of Greece is like this, or maybe it’s just a small town thing. Either way, it’s nice.

As was the beach. Jess was in her element, haha. It was seriously relaxing. I’m not a heat person at all….but I fell asleep lying in the sun. Twice. We had no agenda, no plans, and nowhere to be. Probably the perfect way to end the trip.

…okay okay, the perfect ending would probably involve one last scoop of gelato. Maybe a miracle will happen in Corfu Town tomorrow.



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