Europe 2013: The Best Nights are Not Planned.

Our first night in Galway was a pretty good time. It almost didn’t happen.

We arrived in Galway by bus in the afternoon.  The B&B is just a short little walk up from the station, so we were all settled away in no time.  The bed and breakfast is super nice.  Going from here to a hostel won’t be a very pleasant adjustment, haha.  Eddie, one of the owners, set us on our way into town after handing us a map.  He told us exactly where to go, and exactly when to be there.  We rebelled a little. 

By this time, we were hungry.  The main strip of Galway isn’t very big at all.  It’s big enough, though, that when you’re already slightly cranky from being hungry–having multiple options enhances the crankiness.  I think we walked back and forth the streets at least seven times. We finally got over ourselves and picked a restaurant.  And then we had gelato. The crankiness started to subside, haha. One can’t be cranky while eating gelato. 

By now it was 6:30. The first live music sessions in the pubs had started, and they were filling up.  We were THIS close to heading back to the bed and breakfast and calling it a night. Instead, we came to our senses. I mean, how often is one in Galway??  Deciding which pub to settle in was another story. On a street full of Irish pubs, how are you supposed to pick one?!? Haha.  We ended up at Taaffe’s–it had come recommended by Eddie, after all. 

Guessing that most of the people packed in the bar were tourists, we sought out those that weren’t taking pictures of the band, haha. Kind of like we were doing.  Jess and Jana’s way of meeting the locals in Galway? Insulting the Guinness they’re currently sipping on, haha. Believe it or not, that worked for us!  (Thanks to our new Irish friends, we found out that Guinness is a million times better with blackcurrent. They also admitted nobody likes the stuff when they first try it.)




**Those of you who have been following the Jess & Harry story, you’ll be sorry to hear that she has moved on. Hahaha. Until we leave Galway, anyways.

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