The Problem with “Galway Girl”

“Well, I took a stroll / On the old long walk” A conversation last week with a friend, Holly, had me thinking about Galway. Again. This is a common occurrence, believe me. If you’re lucky enough to have visited the Irish town, you’ll understand the way we’re feeling. (To any Newfoundlanders & Labradorians reading this, I’m not referring to Danny’s Galway, haha,  I’m talking about … Continue reading The Problem with “Galway Girl”

Europe 2013: The Best Nights are Not Planned.

Our first night in Galway was a pretty good time. It almost didn’t happen. We arrived in Galway by bus in the afternoon.  The B&B is just a short little walk up from the station, so we were all settled away in no time.  The bed and breakfast is super nice.  Going from here to a hostel won’t be a very pleasant adjustment, haha.  Eddie, … Continue reading Europe 2013: The Best Nights are Not Planned.