Sequins: They’re Not Just for Prom Anymore.

This post isn’t just for prom, either. It’s also for that dress you bought for a work holiday party–or formal night on that family cruise back in 2010–and just haven’t worn it since.

Let’s be honest, here. Sequins are pretty. Maybe that’s why we find them so irresistible? (“Oooooooooooooooo sequins!!”) And maybe that’s why we think it’s such a shame to wear something so pretty only once.

We grabbed a few of our favourite sequined secondhand beauties from Retro & Rebel , and styled them with different trendy layers. We’re totally loving the outcome! Have a look, and hopefully get inspired:

Secondhand Mystic dress available at Retro & Rebel. Headband is straight-up a piece of taffeta-type fabric tied in a bow. Thrifted silver jacket from ZARA.




Red sequin minidress available here. Paired with combat boots and a cropped denim jacket from Value Village.

red seq 08

red seq 09

red seq 07

Floral sequined H&M dress available here. We topped it with an amazing faux fur vest found at Model Citizens–our fav boutique in downtown St. John’s.




Secondhand army jackets also make lovely layers for sequins. This white party dress is also online at Retro & Rebel.

white seq 05

white seq 07

white seq 03


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