Thrifted Thursdays: 03.30.17

Y’know what grabs our attention more than anything else when we’re browsing through the racks at secondhand shops? LACE. No matter how much of a rush we’re in, if we spy something made of lace, we pretty much HAVE to stop and look at it, haha. We’ve probably been late because of secondhand lace. It could be a skirt for toddlers–we have to at least look at it! Haha. (On that note, how many times have we spotted adorable tutus for children and wished there were adult versions?!)

Jess found this stunner of a vintage dress in Toronto last May.  It’s pretty obviously sheer in places, so this is about the only time we’d intentionally go for the nude spandex shorts underneath a dress instead of black, haha. (A nice slip dress would also do the trick!)

Vintage lace dress: Mama Loves You, Toronto.

Jana’s been on a mustard kick lately. The colour, not the condiment. Probably since yellow has been her favourite colour for 20 years and she feels she can pull off the mustard shade. She’s really into it, haha, and has no plans of stopping anytime soon, folks. (And how great does it go with grey!?)

 Top: ASOS, picked up secondhand at Model Citizens in St. John’s

Skirt: Thrifted at Eva-B in Montreal

Shoes: Secondhand from Value Village in St. John’s

Purse: Thrifted from Salvation Army Thrift Shop in St. John’s

2 thoughts on “Thrifted Thursdays: 03.30.17

  1. I love both of your hair and makeup. Lol your being late due to lace is so relatable, except my downfall is velvet. I adore the mustard hat, it does go nicely with gray.

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