Buffalo Exchange + Free People

Every time we visit the USA or get anywhere near the country’s border, we always scout out the nearest Buffalo Exchange locations. We’re not even joking. We’ve rented a car in Vancouver to drive down to the Seattle stores. We’ve rented a car in Montreal just to shop at the Boston locations.  We spent hours on the bus in LA to find them. And it’s always on our list of places to go in NYC.  Needless to say, we’re in love, haha. (Is there one on Maine? We wouldn’t mind a road trip.) We can’t exactly call Buffalo Exchange a “thrift store”, since that’s not exactly their price range. But we’ve never walked out of a location empty-handed, and we always feel like we’re getting good deals on some of our favourite brands.

Speaking of our favourite brands, enter Free People. We basically start drooling whenever we step inside a Free People store–it must be the combination of boho and lace. If regular-priced Free People garments are a little out of your price range, we totally get it. Which is why we especially love secondhand shops like Buffalo Exchange. We usually find some lovely Free People pieces at prices that are kind to our budgets.  We found these two dresses on our most recent trip to the Big Apple:


2 thoughts on “Buffalo Exchange + Free People

  1. Love love love the second dress! It’s absolutely stunning! And I totally get your obsession with Free People and Buffalo Exchange- they’re always my to go stores!

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